agree vi.同意;持相同意见I cannot agree with you on this point.在这一点上,我不能同意你的意见。

sb agree with sb 同意某人的话,意见

sth agree with sb 某物,某事适应某人agree to sb 建议agree on sth 在某一点上取得一致意见

agree up sth 在某一点上取得一致意见agree to do sth 同意干某事

break vt.打破;损坏;破坏We should all take a little break before dessert. 吃甜点之前我们大家应该稍微休息一下。break down 机器坏了=go wrong 身体垮了/终止谈话11) I had never seen a grown man break down and cry. 我从未曾看到过一个这么强壮的汉子痛哭失声。

break in 闯入,插话break off 忽然停止讲话/断绝,结束/暂停工作,休息

break out (战争等)爆发;逃出(无被动式) break through 打破包围

break up 驱散,学校的放学The police had to employ force to break up the crowd.警察不得不使用武力驱散人群。break away from 脱离,逃说,与...断绝来往/改变某种习惯

bring vt.拿来;带来;取来I'll bring some of my pictures into the gallery. 我就带一些我的摄影到艺廊来。bring about =cause, result in, lead to bring down 使倒下,使下降bring force 使产生,引起

bring forward 提出建议=put forward/提前

bring in =get in the pops/使得到某种收入Mr. Li: Oh… would you kindly allow me to bring in h… would you kindly allow me to bring in the civet durian? It is the favorite of my sister.李先生:喔…您能允许我带些榴莲吗?它是我姐姐最喜欢的水果。bring back to one's mind 使回想起

bring up sb 抚养某人bring up sth 提出bring up 呕吐bring to an end 结束=come to an end

call vt.叫喊;打电话给… I'll call the roll before class. 课前我要点名。

call on sb 拜访,号召call at 访问(某人的家);(火车、船)停靠

call for 需要And there's a phone call for you, Mr. Bennett. Bennett先生有你的电话。

call for sb 去接某人一起去做某事call off 取消(计划,比赛)

call out (call out+to sb.)大声地叫call up sb 打电话

call in 请进来We'll call in a couple of days. 我们两三天後打电话。

carry vt.携带;运载;传送Another generation to carry on the Stewart name. 这是承继Stewart家族香火的新一代。

carry out 进行到底,贯彻执行4) Tomorrow, Sandra will carry out the garbage. 明天珊多拉将会收拾垃圾的。carry out 是成就、完成的惯用语,但在此地,一看便知并非这种意思。可把它想象做从厨房把garbage 运到外面去。

carry on 进行下去,坚持下去Another generation to carry on the Stewart name. 这是承继Stewart家族香火的新一代。carry away 拿走,入迷,被...吸引carry forward 推进,发扬(精神)

carry off 抢走,夺走/获得奖品carry through 进行到底,完成计划carry sb through 使...渡过难关

catch vt.捉;抓住vi.接住We didn't catch anything. 我们什么也没有钓著。

catch up 赶上33. He shut himself away for a month to catch up on his academic work.他与世隔绝一个月,力图把功课赶上去。

catch on 勾住,绊倒catch at 想抓住A drowning man will catch at a straw. 溺水者见草也要抓;急何能择。be caught in the rain 被雨淋catch up with 赶上某人,补上工作

clear a.清澈[晰]的vt.清除It is said it will clear up tonight. 天气预报说今晚雨就会停。

clear up (天气)转晴,澄清事实,整理收拾It is said it will clear up tonight. 天气预报说今晚雨就会停。

clear away 清除掉,去掉,消散clear off 消除(积雪)等障碍,把...拆掉,擦掉,清除

come vi.到来; 变得; 到达May I come in? 我能进来吗?

come across 偶然发现,偶然遇到

come on 快点(口),开始,到来,举行,走吧,一起去Oh, come on now. 噢别这样了。

come at 向...扑过来,向...袭击7. We may come at another time.我们可以另找个时间来。

come down 倒下,(温度,价格)下降,病倒come forward 涌现,主动地响应要求做某事

come in 进来,上市And have you had an engineer come in to do an inspection? 你们可有一个工程师来做过检查吗

come from 来自于I come from Japan. 我来自日本。come out 出来,出发,结果Did Mitchell Johnson's review come out yet? Mitchell Johnson的评论出来了没有?

come to 苏醒,总共,达到,得到谅解When will he come to see you? 他什么时候来看你?

come up sb 走进come up 种子生长发育,被提出and I'll come up with something. 我会想出个办法的。

come to one's rescuers 帮助

come true 实现I know, but it's still a dream come true. 我知道但这终究是一个梦想实现了。

cut v.割,切,削减,切断they cut patches 剪下布块

cut sth in half 把...砍成两半cut away 切除He cut away a dead branch.他砍掉一根枯干的树枝。

cut through 走近路,剌穿cut down 砍倒,减少,压缩(开支)

cut off 切断(关系,来往),中止(电话,思维) 3. He was cut off from his fellows.他和同伴失去联系。

cut out 删掉/改掉(恶习),停止in a short cut 诀窍

do v.aux.助动词(无词意) What do you call this in English? 这个用英语怎么说?

do with 涉及到What are you going to do with the books? 你打算拿这些书怎么办?

do up one's hair 盘起长发do up sth 包/捆起来do out 打扫,收拾

do away with =get rid of 废除,去掉,取消

die vi.死亡; 枯死; 熄灭I will die before I'll eat that carrot. 如果要我吃胡萝卜,我宁愿去死。

dir from 因饥渴,战争,被污染的意外死亡die off 因年老,疾病而死亡

die away 声音变弱,渐渐消失/停息,消失die down 慢慢地熄灭(风,火)

die out 熄灭,变弱,消失,灭绝(动物)

fall vi.落下;跌倒;陷落to fall 坠下,掉下

fall a sleep 去睡觉=go to sleep fall ill 病了335. Be careful not to fall ill.注意不要生病了。

fall across 遇见(偶然) fall back 后退,后撤fall behind 落后,跟不上

fall in 集合/陷入29. The necessary outcome of a war is a fall in production.战争带来的必然结果就是生产力下降。

fall into 陷入+名词A fall into a pit, a gain in your wit.吃一堑,长一智。

fall off 减少,从...摔下来to fall off a bench 从长椅上掉下来fall on 看到,落在...上面

fall short of 缺乏fall out of 放弃

get vi.变得,成为;到达When do you get up everyday? 每天你几点起床?

get about 到处走,消息的传开Don't forget about the bet. 别忘了打赌的事。

get across 穿过,讲清楚使人了解,领会The children began to get across at each other. 孩子们开始争吵了。get away 逃掉,离开,摆脱 1. I hope to get away early in the morning.我希望一早就动身离开。

get down 从…下来,写下来,记下来,病了/使某人不安It's time to get down to business now. 是进入正题的时候啦。

get along with sth 进展得get along with sb 相处

get in 进去,进站,收进来,收帐Yeah. Yeah. Let's get in our lines. 是啊是啊。请排好位置。

get off 离开,下车You can take the bus and get off at the second stop. 你可以坐公共汽车第二站下。

get on 上车157. Don't get on my nerves!(不要搅得我心烦。)

get out 拔出,传开I need to get out more. 我需要多出门去。

get over 克服(困难),从病中恢复过来,不接from Yes, I know, but he'll get over it. 是的我知道过一下就会好的。get around =spread 传开

get through 完成,通过,用完,从人群中通过,接通电话11. It took us only a few minutes to get through the Customs.我们的海关检查只花了几分钟时间。

get to 到达,抓住问题的要害,本质Excuse me, how can I get to the bus station? 对不起,汽车站怎么走?get together 聚会,联欢92. Let's get together one of these days.(找一天聚聚。)

get in a word 策划get into trouble 陷入get rid off 摆脱,去掉

give vt.给出,赋予,发生If you have more, please give me some. 如果你有多的,请给我。

give away 分发,赠送,颁发,背叛,出卖,暴露give in 屈服

give off 放出(气体,光) 15) Those flowers look pretty but don't give off a nice smell. 这些花看似漂亮,但是气味并不好。give out 使人筋疲力尽7) Some restaurants give out an odor that reaches to the street. 一些餐厅里面的气味飘到了街上。